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Fingerprint and HandcuffsWhy should you choose Servantez and Cabranes to represent you or a loved one?

The answer is simple - We fight for our clients.

When you retain Servantez and Cabranes you get attorneys that do not go looking for problems but when problems surface are ready to stand their ground and fight.

Like most law firms we settle most of our cases. But there is a difference between law firms who opposing attorneys know will never go to trial and law firms that opposing attorneys know will try a case, and try it well. Lawyers and law firms who will not try cases simply do not get the best offers to settle cases. Do not kid yourself, attorneys who try cases, know who will and who will not try a case. A Federal or State Prosecutor has no incentive to negotiate if they know that the opposing attorney is not willing to take the case to trial. Conversely, a Federal or State Prosecutor is usually more willing to negotiate - and give a better settlement offer - if they think that there is a realistic chance that the case may be tried.

The reality is that some cases just will not settle. It may be because the prosecutor is unwilling to make what the defendant considers to be a reasonable offer or it may be because the defendant is innocent and wants his or her day in Court. When that happens you want someone who has trial experience. At Servantez and Cabranes we have a great deal of experience in Federal and State Criminal Jury trials. We had tried cases involving allegations of Homicide, Racketeering, Fraud, Money Laundering, Distribution of Controlled Substances, Reckless Endangerment of Safety, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Battery, Criminal Damage to Property and Disorderly Conduct to name a few, in both State and Federal Courts.

Lastly, a defendant accused of a crime will go through an enormous amount of stress before conclusion of the case. That is a normal reaction to a potential jail or prison sentence. The stress is increased dramatically if the defendant is a foreign national, who may not understand all of his or her rights under a State or Federal Constitution, who may not understand the process and who may not speak English well enough to communicate directly with his or her attorney. Interpreters can be used, but there is no substitute for conversations directly between the attorney and the client which eliminate the potential for miscommunication that is always present when an interpreter is used. At Servantez and Cabranes, our criminal defense attorneys are bi-lingual in English and Spanish. We do not need anyone’s help to speak to our Spanish speaking clients.

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